Nose Surgery – Types and Procedures

Rhinoplasty has quickly become one of the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed around the world. This procedure involves changing the structure of the nose by sculpting the cartilage and the bone of the nose, so that the surgeon can achieve the desired look. Rhinoplasty, or ‘nose jobs’ are performed on men and women who wish to change the size or shape of the nose for aesthetic reasons. Patients can change the shape of the nose to achieve better functioning as well – especially if the existing nasal structure causes breathing problems – as well as change the shape of the nose, leading to a more aesthetically pleasing face.

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There are multiple kinds of rhinoplasty – each method is specifically suited for a unique set of patients, depending on the type of nasal structure. Each procedure has been shaped to suit a specific set of people, and not every procedure can be used for every patient.

Reduction rhinoplasty is one of the more common types of nose surgery. This kind of procedure can help give the patient a nose that is more proportionate to the rest of the facial features. During this process, the surgeon removes small wedges of tissue from the area where the nostrils meet the cheeks, to reduce the size of the nostrils.
Augmentation rhinoplasty, on the other hand, is a type of surgery where the surgeon may graft tissue to build up the nasal tip or septum. Even this type of surgery has quickly gained popularity.
Post-traumatic rhinoplasty can address the function and appearance of the nasal structure after a traumatic event. Surgeons can use this procedure to straighten the nose and correct the nasal septum. Common situations of post-traumatic patients is that they’ve broken their nose, which means that the surgeon will re-set the nose to achieve the best result.
Reconstructive rhinoplasty is the procedure to go for if the patient has lost all or part of their noses to an accident or a serious illness. During this treatment, the surgeon rebuilds the nose with a variety of unique methods.
Ethnic rhinoplasty uses similar methods as other forms of reshaping surgery, and ethnic rhinoplasty refers to procedures done on patients of non-Caucasian origin. These patients have different nasal structures, and surgeons perform unique methods to ensure that the ethnic features on a patient’s face are preserved.

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