Google's New 'Playables' Will Let You Try Games Before Buying Them

Google at its GDC 2017 event announced several improvements to Google Play apart from confirming a change in its algorithm to promote developers who build high quality games. The company reportedly also announced a feature dubbed “Playables” which will let developers advertise their games to users who can try games without installing them. The new Playables feature is being promoted as mini-game or teasers of gameplay without the need of a download.

Google's New 'Playables' Will Let You Try Games Before Buying Them

Sissie Hsiao, Director of Product Management for Mobile Advertising, stressed that the new feature will be useful for both developers as well as users who can put their money only after trying it. According to a MediaPost report, the new Playables feature utilises HTML5 to create fully playable version of games right within the ad. The new Playables will start rolling out to users in the coming months.

Google at its annual Google Developer Day at the Game Developers Conference announced the new updates to its Google Play. The company also promised that it will now promote high quality experiences “based on engagement, not just installs.” It importantly will now allow developers to display sales on their apps, including free offers, on Google Play.

Google also introduced an all-new editorial page in Google Play. The new feature will be launching later this month. The new editorial page pages in Google Play will allow the company’s editors to hand pick games offering optimal gaming experiences on Android.

The company also announced some statistics that last year it saw roughly 300 million new (who were active 30 days) users adopting Android devices from emerging markets such as India, Brazil, and Indonesia. In 2016, over 100 million new users accessed local relevant forms of payments (such as direct carrier billing or gift cards) to access and buy favourite apps and games on Google Play.