Cyware: A unique platform for all cyber security news and events

Cyber crimes have become one of the most discussed topics these days. For individuals and companies, it is more than a nightmare to know that their data has been compromised. When we look behind and analyze ourselves, it is us who give way to data breaches. Wondering how? In spite of reading many security journals, we never give a thought of changing our passwords and end up keeping the same weak passwords, which is easy for us to remember and easy for hackers to crack, as well. Not only individuals are prone to data hacking, but companies are also susceptible for data thefts. With the increase in cyber crime rate every year, the threat paradigm has changed and it is essential to be cyber aware as a small mistake made in this digital world can land us in a big problem. At this challenging time, keeping a personal cyber security assistant that works as a knowledge base by publishing the latest cyber security updates is really beneficial and this is where the Cyware comes into the picture.

Cyware is not like any other mobile app; it is a knowledge hub that keeps you updated with the expertly curated cyber news published in the form of cards and feeds you as per your interest. This mobile app is designed for both cyber security professionals and general internet users aka common people. The main objective of the Cyware app is to spread the cyber situational awareness and help individuals to guard their data and to maintain a cyber-hygiene. Besides, the cyware mobile app allows people to think in the line of securing the confidential information, sustain operations and protect their network infrastructure.
Powered by IBM’s Watson technology, the Cyware mobile app dives deep into the Word Wide Web to find out the most significant and most appropriate cyber security news. Every day the cyber-savvy people receive 50 to 60 news cards at multiple times of a day. In all the published cards, the significant facts are retained and a link is given to the source article. People who want to know more about the incidence/news can access the source. A subscription to the cyber daily boosts your cyber situational awareness with the real-time expertly curated news. Besides, this knowledge-hub also helps you to identify the key threats and empowers you to meaningfully comprehend the scope and nature of threat elements.
The Cyware mobile app designed for both android and iOS users helps you to stay up to date with the recent cybersecurity developments happening around the world and allows you to share the interesting news with your peers. Besides, the major events section keeps you updated with all major cyber security events, courses, webinars, seminars, and symposium happening around the world. When the threat landscape is changing every day, it is not an option but mandatory for people to be cyber-aware and the Cyware app is here to keep you updated.