Hands Free Calling: Top Tips and Options for Talking Safely in Your Car

Distracted driving is a major safety concern on our roads and you can’t expect any leniency from the police officer when they find you with the phone in your hand, but there is a simple and efficient solution that allows you to make calls safely.

Handsfree calling and other navigational options are all possible thanks to Bluetooth technology.

Here is a look at your options for using your smartphone safely in your car. There is an overview of GPS technology, plus some tips on how to get connected, including tips on pairing some of the major GPS brands.

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Taking the Bluetooth route

It is no surprise to discover that using a handheld mobile phone while driving is a dangerous activity, not to mention against the law, which is vehicles like the Dodge Charger come equipped with the sort of functions and Bluetooth technology that make it easy to go handsfree.

You will need to connect your mobile phone to your incar GPS and this is normally a simple setup procedure with most makes and models.

First check that your mobile phone supports Bluetooth, but it would be a surprise if it didn’t as long as your phone isn’t old or very basic. The default setting for Bluetooth is normally off, so you will need to turn the option on to make your device discoverable to your incar system.


Get your devices talking to eachother

Turning your Bluetooth option on is the first bit and to be able to use your phone handsfree in the car you will need to pair the devices.

Follow your instruction manual if you are not sure what to do and it shouldn’t take too long to get devices talking to each other, which then means you have access to incar options and don’t have to be tempted to pick up your handset to answer a call when you are behind the wheel.


Touchscreen technology

New car models are increasingly offering more technology options to help make your journey a bit safer as well as more efficient when you use GPS navigation options.

If you have a Garmin or TomTom unit, there is a standard setup routine to follow, and the routine is also similar for the majority of other brands available.

If you have a TomTom GO, all you have to do is touch the mobile phone option in the GPS menu, follow the instructions that appear on the screen, and your system will then remember your phone every time you step in the vehicle with your mobile.

Once connected, you can copy your mobile phone contacts so that they appear on the screen and let you make a handsfree call quickly and easily.

If you have a Garmin GPS, most models work the same way. Search for the Bluetooth device using your mobile and when you have found the device you are connecting to, once you initiate the pairing process, it should automatically import all of your contacts ready for use.

If you have the technology on your phone and in your vehicle, it makes sense to take advantage of the functions and features available, especially if it means you can enjoy a safer hands free journey.