15 Well-Designed Android App Design Examples

Well-designed Android apps stand out among the thousands of standard-looking apps on Google’s Play store. Users appreciate an app that’s been thoughtfully crafted and tested for usability. By checking out some of these top designed apps on the Android app market Google Play, you’ll be able to identify what makes an app great. Create your own stunning apps and capture the attention of Android users across multiple devices by following some of the design practices used in these top-performing, well-designed applications.

1. Navy PFA – PRT BCA Calculator

This Navy PFA application is designed for members of the Navy to easily add up their BCA and PRT scores. Unlike the apps to follow on this list, this app achieves a great design using minimalist qualities and strong, organized structures. If your app is a straightforward utility or tool, consider using minimalist design features to give users a chance to accomplish their functions without excessive or slow animations and transitional effects.

2. Fandango

Fandango is an app that provides movie times, information, and a place to purchase tickets. Not only is this design super-functional, it allows the app to contain tons of useful information. Consider organizing your app’s pages similarly, to pack as much information as you’d find on a standard website into your Android application.

3. BoostTV

The BoostTV app uses a dark theme, which is perfect for viewing streamed videos and other media. If your app is in the entertainment category, a dark theme is a must-have. Also take note of the grid-style layout used by this app, as users can more quickly scroll through standard-sized grids and access their favorite sections of your app with this style of layout.

4. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is a calorie-counting application that’s popular among health-focused individuals. Part of this app’s success must be attributed to its great design and layout. Users can easily search for items in MyFitnessPal’s databases with the built-in smart search feature. Add an advanced search field to your app to increase the overall functionality and design quality.

5. ooVoo

ooVoo is one of the most popular face-to-face communication apps for Android. This app is so well designed that it has become a design standard for many apps in its field. When you connect with someone through ooVoo you get to see them on a screen-sized stream, while seeing yourself in a cornered thumbnail. Consider allowing users to access the front camera on any Android device to make your communication and media-based apps more useful.

6. Flipping Legend

The Flipping Legend game app for Android devices has achieved what many apps aspire to; a stunning and authentically-retro design. Consider using pixelated graphics and images within your app to create retro and vintage style pages and content. This app also makes use of horizontal displays, which is something to consider if you’re making a game or other entertainment-based app.

7. Fabulous

With the modern trends in self-care, health, and mediation, it’s no wonder such a well-designed app has made an impact in these areas. This app uses color blocking, interchangeable themes, and large navigation buttons to appeal to users of all sorts. Consider making simple screens with large buttons for users who are likely distracted or on the go.

8. Angry Bird: Evolution

This follow-up app to the one of the world’s most popular games has accomplished a great design, drawing in millions of users. Animated transition affects, sliding navigation menus and high-resolution graphics make the design of this app stand out from other games and applications.

9. Skype

Skype has achieved millions of downloads with its great design and functionality. This app has a great way of storing contacts in an aesthetic, scroll-through list. All apps with a contact database should aspire to accomplish Skype’s organizational structure and usefulness.

10. MyHeritage

MyHeritage is a top-grossing app in its category, a fact which may be due to its excellent design features. This free mobile app with in-app purchases entices users to upgrade to premium services by displaying engaging, easy-to-use content in a well-organized interface. This app uses Parallax scrolling and floating images to provide basic family tree data in a fun way. Spruce up your otherwise mundane content with lines-graphs, floating images, and other creative display techniques to maintain user’s interest.

11. Perfect365

The Perfect365 Android app is a photo editor for your phone or tablet. In keeping with the theme of beauty and aesthetics, this app is well designed and fashionable. Perfect365 allows users to upload photos and select dozens of filters and options to place over them. Utilize white space, photo uploading, and filters in the manner this app does to create a fun, well-designed Android app of your own.

12. CAD Touch Pro

It’s no surprise that an app focused on digital designs is so well designed itself. The CAD Touch Pro app allows users to create and edit CAD designs, and has a stunning dark-themed interface with a vibrant color selection. Use bright lines and color blocking on dark-themed apps to recreate this engaging visual contrast.

13. Evernote

The Evernote app is one of the most popular apps on the Android app platform. It’s a well-designed app that allows users to take notes on their phone and increase their productivity. The best thing about this app’s interface design is the custom keyboard that places numbers, letters, and frequently used characters on the home screen for quicker typing. This app was also designed with an incomparably convenient image importing feature that allows you to edit snapshots taken with other apps on your phone or tablet.

14. Pandora

Pandora is one the most popular music streaming services, and its popularity is likely due to the great design of the Pandora app. Android users appreciate that they can switch between songs from their lock screen while using the app. Consider taking advantage of Android’s lock screen functions when designing your own media-streaming app.

15. ColorFil

The ColorFil app for Android devices is a great way for adults to pass some time coloring complex black and white images. The app provides intricately detailed images in an organized manner, and has a great zoom feature. If you have advanced web hosting, add a zoom feature to your app so users can see the details in your high resolution without having to rely on the double-tap default Android zoom function.

Make sure your web hosting is fast and robust enough to handle these advanced scripts and features, and incorporate some of the functions and styles found in these apps within your own project to get ahead in the app marketplaces. By using design components such as parallax scrolling, floating images, sliding navigation menus and animated transition effects, you can create an impressive mobile app and expand your reach across the Play store.