Today's Home Buyer Expects Quality Staging

People who sold their homes years or decades ago might tell you that staging is not that important, but they are wrong. These days, home buyers expect a home to be staged, and they may find your home wanting if it is not. Fortunately, with the right balance of comfort and elegance, you may be able to sell your home more quickly, at a higher price.

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Design is Subjective

If you have ever watched an interior design show and found that you disliked the final results, you know that the way a home looks is highly subjective. The trick is to figure out what buyers want to see when they come in to view a home. Almost universally, buyers want to imagine how they might live in the home, not the way you live in the home. This means that you need to take out the things that root you and your family to the property, and keep the design elements that could be broadly appealing to a wide population.

The Home HAS to be Clean

Whatever your staging choices end up being, a home needs to be clean to sell quickly and at a high price. When buyers walk into a home for sale, they expect everything to be working, and they expect everything to be clean at the very least. If anything looks suspect, they will start to have doubts about the rest of the property. It doesn’t take much to get a buyer to move on to the next listing, and you don’t want to give them more reasons than you need to.

You Need an Objective Eye

In order to achieve this, you really need to get a qualified third party to come in and help. You might think that you are really good at spotting clutter, but after living in the home for many years, there are a lot of inherent design flaws that your eyes no longer see. Not unlike how an inspection is worth the cost to buyers, expenses made toward staging make a huge difference in the end for sellers, as appeal inside and outside of the home is paramount in every sale. Hire a home staging expert, or at least get someone you know who can take a really objective view of the space. They can point out the things you have done that do not present your home in a good light, and also call attention to benefits of the home that you might not notice anymore.

Your Home May Sell Faster

The goal is to get the best reasonable offer in the shortest period of time. The longer your home sits on the market, the less likely buyers are to come see it. If your home looks too lived-in or the design is distracting buyers from looking at the important aspects of the property, they may move on to sunnier pastures. The more buyers come and go, the lower your chances of an offer without dropping the price. Instead of waiting forever, staging helps you confirm that your home makes the right entrance on the market and get the offers coming in at the beginning.

You’ll Get a Better Offer

Imagine that you walk into someone’s home, and it has an old, worn carpet and ratty furniture. Now, think of that same space with a fresh coat of paint, beautiful flooring and furniture that looks like it came straight out of a magazine. Which one would you think is worth more? This is how buyers look at a home, too. A house that is dressed to the nines with quality products is one that buyers perceive has been cared for and requires less work before they can move in. Even if you have to spend a few thousand dollars to create this look, you may reap the benefits with a sale price tens of thousands of dollars higher.

Getting your home ready for sale take hard work and time, but it is worth every penny. For your investment, you will enjoy a higher chance of selling your home quickly, for your asking price.