Movavi Screen Recorder- easy to use screen capture software

The online world often amuses and enlightens us with a bunch of videos, ranging from entertainment to educational. You have live webinars to update you about latest trends in business, music videos to get you to the groove and many more. But what if you really like a video and wish to watch it time and again? Well, most of the video sites don’t offer download facilities. Your best solution here is Movavi Screen Recorder. The program is specifically designed to capture streaming videos online so that you can save them and then watch later in your free time.

You must be looking forward to know more about Movavi Screen Recorder. Well, here is a brief review on the Movavi program.

Movavi Screen Recorder is able to record any kind of streaming videos online. It could be streaming music videos or webinars or video chats like Skype calls. At times, our schedule may clash with the broadcasting time of a live streaming video on the web world. In such situations, Movavi Screen Recorder is all that you need to capture the video so that you can check it in your free time.

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Part of the uniqueness of Movavi Screen Recorder lays in its assurance of high quality footage. The software program is able to capture videos in high definition resolution for quality visuals. Then, you will be glad to know that Movavi Screen Recorder is able to record videos automatically. The program is equipped with an in-built timer. If you have no time to sit through the recording, just set the recording duration on the timer. Now, the program will start recording the video and end recording on its own the moment the timer reaches its climax. This point alone is enough to bank on Movavi Screen Recorder for video recording.

Moreover, Movavi Screen Recorder is not just for recording videos. It also allows you to convert recorded videos in any popular video format. One of the best aspects of Movavi Screen Recorder is surely its lightning fast processing capacity. The software is able to convert around 79 times faster compared to other recording programs in the market.

And, despite all such state of the art functionalities, Movavi Screen Recorder is extremely easy to use. It does not call any high tech skill for its operation. Anybody, with basic computing knowledge will be able to operate it.

Features of Movavi Screen Recorder:

  • Records live streaming videos in just 4 steps
  • Captures sound both from system audio and microphone
  • Captures video automatically with the help of in-built timer
  • Saves recordings without any loss of quality
  • Very easy to use
  • Converts videos in any video format
  • Lightning-fast conversion speed which is 79x faster compared to other recording programs


Useful tips for users:

When you want to capture video with audio, make sure to tap on the System Audio icon before recording. Start recording when it turns green.