7 Reasons You Could Be Feeling Tired All The Time

It’s not always your lack of sleep that causes you to feel tired. There might be other, more pressing reasons.

7 Reasons You Could Be Feeling Tired All The Time

A cup of coffee might help get you started, but it’s not a permanent solution.

Not getting enough sleep has become a usual phenomena these days. We all reach our office every morning at 9am and rely on that cup of coffee to wake us up and get started. Coffee definitely wakes you up, but what if this is something more serious than you think?

Read on because we are going to give you some solid reasons as to why you might be feeling tired round the clock.

1. Anemia

Feeling tired all the time is one of the major symptoms of anemia. It happens due to lack of red blood cells, due to which your organs and tissues don’t receive adequate oxygen.
The reasons for anemia can be deficiency of vitamins or something more complicated like internal bleeding. Women especially are more susceptible to developing anemia. In any of these cases, a specialised doctor should definitely be consulted.

2. Low Blood Sugar Level

Sugar is the fuel your body requires to run. And low level of sugar can definitely be a reason for your tiredness. People who suffer from diabetes commonly experience something called diabetes fatigue.
Fatigue can be both a symptom as well as a cause of diabetes. Definitely get yourself checked if you feel you might have diabetes or if you have a history of this disease in your family.

3. Thyroid Gland

An imbalance in your thyroid gland can also leave you feeling tired. This small gland’s hormone is what takes care of your metabolism. An under production of this hormone is basically what causes you to feel tired. Even after 8 hrs of sleep, you might wake up feeling like you haven’t slept in ages!

4. Depression

Powered by ExploreadsIf you don’t feel like getting out of bed every morning, this could even be a sign of depression. Now a psychological illness like depression can definitely be cured with the right help. But getting hold of this illness at the right time is what makes all the difference in the world.
Depression not only affects your mood, but also your sleep schedule, eating habits etc. The symptoms of this psychological illness can last for years if not cured. Talking and getting help is the only thing that can help you sail through depression.

5. Sleep Apnea

This is a serious illness, with no proper awareness amongst people. Sleep apnea is an actual sleep disorder. This happens when one’s breathing is interrupted during his sleep. And recurrence of this phenomena is what makes this a sleep disorder. People with sleep apnea experience interrupted sleep cycles causing them to feel tired all the time.
Nobody takes heed to something like a sleep disorder. However if left untreated can also lead to strokes.

6. Not Eating Well

Your eating cycle and dietary choices also have a major impact on how you feel. If you consume too much of refined or bad carbs and avoid healthy proteins, you are bound to feel tired through the day. Refined carbs don’t give us energy. On the contrary they slow us down and us make us feel tired and sleepy too.

7. Dehydration

Water is essential for your body. Remember when your parents used to tell you to have at least 6 litres of water a day? They were actually serious about it. Water is the most important thing your body needs. Dehydration can not only cause you to feel tired but also hampers your bodily functions. So drink plenty of water. It will help you sail through the day smoothly.