If you thought Khichdis are boring, you have not tasted these!

1. Unique versions of Khichdi!

Unique versions of Khichdi!

India is known for its diverse culture, religion, people, food, terrain and weather. Khichdi is a staple food in Indian households and considered one of the simplest foods. Called ‘Huggi’ in Karnataka, ‘Pongal’ in Tamil Nadu, ‘Pulagam’ in Andhra, and ‘Khichdi’ in many parts of Northern India, this delightful dish is a comfort food pan India. There are many varieties of khichdi but the most common ingredients in its preparation is rice and lentils. In fact, it is even seen in European cuisines as Kedgeree, a breakfast preparation that uses curried fish and boiled eggs. It is believed that the khichdi recipes were developed in India during the medieval period.From masala khichdi, oats khichdi, to our all-time favourite, moong dal khichdi, indulge in a plate of piping hot goodness!

2. ​Chana Dal Khichdi

​Chana Dal Khichdi

Chana Dal Khichdi makes for a scrumptious and filling lunch. With a spoonful of ghee on top, this Khichdi recipe is a must try.

3. Samak Ki Khichdi

Samak Ki Khichdi

 Samak Ki Khichdi has a pleasing sense of spiciness that you will surely enjoy on a fasting day. It is light on the stomach and very filling.

4. ​Sabudana Khichdi

​Sabudana Khichdi

 With just a few ingredients and spices you are ready to have a delicious and healthy quick meal. This recipe makes for a light and lovely meal in itself! A must have on days you are fasting.

5. ​Potato Khichdi

​Potato Khichdi

It is a satiating and tasty khichdi made with potatoes, lemon juice, roasted peanuts, curry leaves and cumin seeds. This recipe is absolutely divine!

6. Oats Khichdi with Tomato and Garlic

Oats Khichdi with Tomato and Garlic

 A simple, healthy and satisfying recipe made with the goodness of fresh veggies, moong dal, oats and aromatic spices! It is a complete meal in itself.

7. ​Masala Khichdi

​Masala Khichdi

 This recipe is a beautiful melange of rice, onion, carrot, moong dal, potato, capscium and aromatic spices. Dig into a plateful of delicious Masala Khichdi everyday.

8. ​Jain-style Moong Dal Khichdi

​Jain-style Moong Dal Khichdi

Moong dal, rice, ghee and some spices come together to create this mouth-watering khichdi recipe. It has no onion and garlic and has a divine taste.

9. ​Vegetables and Moong Dhuli Dal Khichdi

​Vegetables and Moong Dhuli Dal Khichdi

 A perfect one-pot meal, made using all the easily available ingredients like moong dal, rice, tomato, onion, ghee, carrot, peas, beans and a melange of spices. It is light on the stomach and a perfect nourishing meal to strengthen the body.

10. Suran Khichdi

Suran Khichdi

This lip-smacking Suran khichdi is a easy recipe that makes for a complete meal. With spices, elephant foot yam (suran) and raw peanuts, pack some for lunch to make everyone jealous.

11. ​Gujarati Vaghareli Khichdi

​Gujarati Vaghareli Khichdi

:A hearty rice preparation cooked using rice, aromatic spices and a lot of veggies. It is a complete meal in itself.