Panjab University Syndicate approves 10% increase in fee

The matter will now go to the Senate that will give the final nod in its meeting on May 6.

Senate to give final nod to move in its meeting on May 6

Panjab University (PU) Syndicate has approved 10% increase in the annual fee for the 2018-19 session in the teaching departments of the university and constituent colleges.

The matter will now go to the Senate that will give the final nod in its meeting on May 6.

Powered by ExploreadsSpeaking after the Syndicate meeting on Sunday, member Ashok Goyal said, “The 10% hike has been approved for the tuition fee and user and maintenance charges in traditional and professional courses for new admissions.” The same hike will also apply to courses offered by the University School of Open Learning (USOL).

For self-financed courses, the fee has been hiked by 10% for new admissions and 5% for ongoing classes.

The fee hike will mean a minimum increase of Rs 750 in all traditional and professional courses. Earlier, the minimum increase was suggested at Rs 1,000, which was reduced to Rs 750 after the intervention of two senators.

For the MBA course in the University Institute of Applied Management Sciences (UIAMS), an annual fee hike of Rs 6,000 has been approved. An increase of 10% in the examination fee for all courses has also been approved, with a maximum increase of Rs 200.

The total fee of Doctorate in Philosophy (PhD) course from the date of enrolment to submission of fee has been hiked to Rs 5,000 from Rs 4,000. The examination fee of PhD, Doctorate in Literature (DLit), Doctorate in Science (DSc) has been increased from Rs 12,000 to Rs 14,000.

The Senate’s decision to hike the fee from 40% to 1100% in 2017 had invited resentment from students, who had also clashed with the police while holding a protest. Sedition charges were slapped against at least 66 students, but were later dropped. After the angry response from students, the Senate rolled back the fee hike and stuck to 10% fee hike.

Strict action recommended in sexual harassment case

The Syndicate has recommended before the Senate strict action in the cases of sexual harassment against assistant professor Komal Singh. Sources said while one member tried to suggest leniency towards the teacher, majority of Syndics said such a person didn’t deserve any, as there had been several complaints against him, and he had even come drunk to a meeting of PU committee against sexual harassment. The matter will be discussed in a special Senate meeting on May 27.