6 Easy Ways to Add Some Green To Your Home Space And Stay Peaceful

6 Easy Ways to Add Some Green To Your Home Space And Stay Peaceful

Bored with the way your home looks currently? Do you feel you need more positivity flowing in through your living room? It’s time you added a touch of green to your home decor. The colour green signifies life, nature and energy, so it brings about a sense of freshness and harmony whenever one notices it. By adding plants and flowering pots as well as vibrant, green coloured paintings and showpieces can help in brightening up your space and lifting your mood as soon as you step into your home.

In fact your home is supposed to be your happy space, and if you aren’t getting that feeling then it’s definitely time for a makeover. Of course we don’t mean that you need to change everything in your home, but just make a few small changes to spruce it up.

Here are some ideas that will help you go green without really being over the top:

1. The green corner

If you have a coffee table or lamp table placed at one corner of your room, that could be a perfect pick to get started. Rather than decorating the table top with showpieces, place a couple of small, indoor potted plants that are easy to look after.

2. Hanging plants

Remember the craze for hanging lamps? You can replace those with pretty potted plants and try and wrap the pots in fairy lights to serve two purposes.

3. Refreshing walls

Been planning to try your hands at gardening? Now’s a good time. How about starting by sprucing up your living space with wall plants? It will need some effort but you sure will love to spend as much time at home as possible.

4. Plant decor

Pick up interesting artefacts with living plants in them and place them in your home. There are many available in home decor stores.

5. Vibrant paintings

If taking care of plants is not your things then go for vibrant paintings that can instantly liven up your home.

6. Grass carpet

Grass carpets are the best thing to work the natural vibe. You don’t have to worry about maintenance and it can be used to transform any space into a chilling zone.

Inspired much? Go give a green spin to your home and channel your inner peace.