Fusion dishes that exist but shouldn’t

1. Delicious food fusion creations!


Delicious food fusion creations!

As a true Indian, you’d probably relate to it when we say we love to add a bit of ‘desi’ to everything – language, clothes and even food. From Pasta Biryani to Sushi Chaat, here is our list of fusion dishes that remind us how delicious the good, old Khichdi is and why we keep longing for traditional food even as we now have the world on our platter.

2. Pizza Golgappa

Going a little unconventional with pizza, there also exists the infamous ‘pizza golgappa’. Sometimes, just sometimes, it’s best to let Indian street food remain independent from Italian. This dish is definitely not something we’re proud of.


3. Pizza Biryani

Sure, pasta biryani sounds uncanny but you know what’s outlandish? Biryani on the pizza crust. Everything was bearable till this point but a dish named pizza biryani made us believe that eating khichdi is not the worst thing in the world.


4. Butter Chicken Poutine

From all the social science lessons we took at school, we’re guessing the root of this mashup lies in the emigration of Indians to Canada. If you’re wondering what could describe the Canadian food culture best, it’s a poster of the ‘butter chicken poutine’. Part of why we don’t think this dish should exist is because we might get territorial when it comes to mixing our unrivalled butter chicken and its cousin, chicken tikka masala with Canada’s unofficial national dish.


5. Pasta Biryani

The name itself makes us want to burst into tears. Let alone ‘pasta biryani with oregano raita’. Penne with rice and chicken, mutton, onion, curd and oregano. All we want to know is what was going on in the chef’s mind!

6. Noodle Samosa

Deep fried crust filled with noodles is perfect for those pretentious #foodies who like to remove the peas and potatoes from the samosa. Let our desi, original, king of fried food remain as it is, please?

7. Multigrain Samosa

Eating healthy is something all of us should do but a little junk never hurts anybody. We’re guessing whoever invented the multigrain samosa was probably a gym freak who couldn’t resist his cravings for our favourite fried snack!

8. Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

We get it. You love cheesecake. Trust us, so do we. But the question is if you’d ever pick it over Gulab Jamun? Whoever created this dish probably wanted to boost his cheesecake sale. Lucky for us, we got a one-way ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory!

Picture courtesy: Instagram/@worldartdining

9. Butter Dosa Khakhra

As lovers of food, Dosa has to top our list of favourites but mixing the South with Gujarat is not really something that makes our mouth water. If this wasn’t enough, there’s Maggi and Pav Bhaji Khakhra too.

10. Sushi Chaat

This is what you get when you’re a lover of chaat but your friend loves Japanese. Who needs chopsticks, anyway? We’re talking about sushi chaat here! As beaming-with-joy as we sound while saying this, deep down, deep deep down, we’re wiping away a tear or two.

11. Dosa Waffle

Ever thought what happens when you put all the elements of a traditional masala dosa into a Belgian waffle iron? You get a creation that’s crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. The dosa waffle with coconut chutney and sambar – does that sound delicious?