SmartGaon: A Mobile App Revamping the Rural India

Whenever we think of mobile apps, WiFi facilities, CCTV cameras, and other such technology-based equipment, we always portray a city. But, have you ever thought if these could be possibly used in a rural place?

Probably not. We have always related rural village with bullock carts, roadside stalls, uneducated farmers, and a ‘no electricity’ region. However, Taudhakpur, a remote village in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh has proven to break all such stereotypes and put forward a new image of rural India with the help of a mobile application – SmartGaon.

Developed by two tech geeks, Yogesh Sahu and Rajnish Bajpai, the SmartGaon app is helping rural India connect with each other as well as with the outside rapidly changing world and thus, get prepared for the mobile-based world. The mobile app works with the IoT technology and is serving the villagers with various commendable features, such as access to the villagers’ directory, event calendar, information centre, health check-up centre, etc. in both Hindi and English. The app is working as a market platform where the farmers can sell their produce at the best possible market price, as well as learn about the popular agricultural technique and implement them. Besides, the app is keeping them abreast with the new schemes and services initiated by the government to enhance the lives of rural India and is acting as a source to leverage the benefits of the same.

In a nutshell, this gift of mobile application development industry is fulfilling the needs of rural India focusing on five features, together making it named as SMARTGaon. These five elements are S for social security schemes, M for modern urban facilities, A for adoption of smart agricultural practices, R for roads infrastructure transportation, and T for tech-equipped all-round development.

The mobile app, within 48 hours of use, has brought significant changes in the village, including construction of 242 toilets, set up of dustbins, street lights, CCTV cameras, and Public Address Systems at every junction, conduction of health care checkups at Primary schools and community health centers, establishment of a WiFi zone, and upliftment of power supply by 18-20 hours.

All these numbers have encouraged the app builders to extend their services. According to Yogesh, one of the tech geeks behind this successful app, they have already started projects in Maharashtra and Chattisgarh, and are hoping to slowly and gradually transform complete Rural India with the help of mobile technology.