6 Tips to Make Out the Best of Power Strips

It is inevitable to find a power strip or an extension cord in every house.  This is so because they are specifically designed to meet the multiple power demands of modern households that are equipped with various appliances and tools.

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With power strips in your homes or working areas, you can really benefit yourself with increased plugs and protection of appliances from frequent power changes s well. But sadly, not many individuals know how to use them in a proper manner, not realizing how hazardous it can be for the appliances and their family as well.

In case you are planning to install a new power strip or looking for ways to maximize the output from these strips, you must follow some of the important things mentioned below.

  1. Upgrade to Surge Protectors when Needed:

No doubt power strips add an additional outlet, but at the same time protect the connected appliances from power surges. Upgrading your outdated power strips to surge protectors will keep your appliances safe from damages that might be caused by changes in power supply.

  1. Avoid using them for Prolonged Hours:

Power strips that are not surgeprotectors, do not have the tendency to work for long hours and hence should not be used continuously for long hours.  These strips can further handle only small loads only and are specifically created to be used for a lamp and a computer at the same time. Hence, you cannot use them for heavy electrical outlets.

Further, these strips do not assure longevity and will eventually failwith the passage of time. So they cannot be used continuously for a longer period of time.

  1. Keep them Away Moist Environment:

Water and electricity is not a good match when mixed with each other can result in fatal accidents. Therefore, keeping surge protectors strips away from water and moist conditions will protectboth your appliances and you’re your family from fatal accidents and injuries.

Further, if youare placing the strips in a garage or basement areas, make sure that the strips are guarded with hard wires and secured by a professional electrician.

  1. Do Not Use them in Outdoors:

Using a power strip in outdoor areas is not a good idea. As these areas are exposed to a number dust, debris infestations that are unsafe for the strips and can lead to hazardous results. Therefore their use in the outdoor environment should be avoided. And in case there is dire need tofu sin them in outdoor spaces, then power strips specially designed for outdoors should be used.

  1. Avoid Making Daisy Chains:

The idea of connecting one power strip with the otherandso on will no doubt provide you with multiple outlets at the same time but technically this is wrong. Connecting the one with the other will potentially damage the power strips and the electronics connected to it.

  1. Always Use Correct Power Strips:

Power strips and surge protectors are designed with various wattage and current ratings. so when you purchase a power stripconsider the use and current ratings of the appliances the power strips will be used for.