What to do with Old Clothing

If you’re like most people, you probably have at least one closet stuffed with old clothing that you no longer wear. This can include the clothes your kids outgrew and those old outfits you stopped wearing years ago. Though you can donate those items or look for stores that buy vintage fashions, you can do a few things with the oldest and most damaged clothing in your closets.

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Make Pillows and Quilts

Do you have clothing that your children loved as kids or old tee shirts that you just can’t let go? You may want to consider using that fabric to make your own pillows and quilts. One shirt is all you need to make a basic pillow, which you can do when you cut off the top and bottom, fill with cotton batting and stitch together. Quilts can feature the fronts and backs of those shirts or smaller pieces of fabric from your kids’ clothing. You can pay someone to make quilts and pillows for you too.

Do Some Alterations

You may have some clothing on hand that you want to keep because you love those outfits, even though they no longer fit. Now might be a good time to look at some of the alterations you can do. Adding more fabric to a dress or elastic to a pair of pants can help you save that outfit and start wearing it again.

Use as Cleaning Supplies

Another way to use your old clothing is as cleaning supplies. Shirts that are soft and worn in are perfect for wiping down your television screen and cleaning wood furniture without leaving behind any scratches. Some companies will accept donations of old clothing that they turn into custodial supplies that major companies around the world use. When making your own cloths, you may want to wash them with bleach and then cut them into smaller pieces. You can use those cloths to wash and dry your car and do other tasks around the house. There are many different things that you can do with all the old clothing stuffed in your closets.