Methods Of Improving Data Protection

Identity And Data Theft On The Rise

Practically every day on the news, you hear about a new breach in data information by hackers. No doubt you, yourself, have been a victim of identity theft or data theft by a hacker. As society turns more and more to a cashless society and instead to a card and cloud-based forms of currency and transactions, hackers have more and more opportunities for stealing identities and data like credit card information. For many, this can spell financial ruin that they can’t recover from for years.

In the wake of this cyber warfare, you need protection that you can trust. Sophos enduser protection may just be the solution that you need.

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What Is Sophos?

Sophos Endpoint Protection is a security method that can be either on-premise or used through a Cloud service. It can be utilized for any size of an organization and offers quite a few packages to fit both your needs and affordability. Subscriptions offer web security, antimalware, and HIPS to prevent data and identity loss. They also offer encryption services. Here is one of their most powerful packages and what it includes.

End User Protection

This package provides protection for your PC, Mac, and Linux systems from attacks like malware, theft, and even accidental data loss. In addition, it can also track potentially malicious traffic. While other security teams may provide an annual or bi-weekly report of their findings, Sophos uses real-time threat intelligence. So, if something malicious appears to be happening, you’ll be notified immediately. In addition, this package also includes protection for your mobile devices. For example, it provides full loss and theft protection for mobile devices that are lost or stolen as well as encryption services.

For those who are tired of receiving spam and malicious email, the End User Protection package also offers protection to stop the spread of spam and keep malicious email from entering your service. Cyber protection begins here.