Clever Ways To Say Congratulations

When friends or family members hit a milestone, tackle a tough task or celebrate a special event, show your support with a gift or gesture that lets them know you care. Whether your congratulatory endeavor is extravagant or frugal, public or private, a little effort will go a long way toward showing them how proud you are of the momentous occasion.

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Send a Treat

Offer your best wishes with something almost everyone will enjoy – sweet treats. Make their day with cookie bouquets featuring favorite baked goods compiled in an adorable arrangement that resembles an assortment of colorful flowers. If you love to bake, make a cake adorned with a nice sentiment written on the frosting. You can also deliver a basket or box filled with chocolates, fresh fruit, macaroons and muffins that they typically enjoy.

Create a Slideshow

Take your admiration public by designing a slideshow to showcase on a popular social media platform. If a relative recently graduated from high school or college, for example, include chronological photos of their journey and images from the graduation event itself. If you’re congratulating friends on their wedding, feature candid pictures you’ve taken of them at events throughout their courtship.

Adorn an Area

Commemorate an achievement with surprise decorative display. Create a large banner that he will see first thing in the morning draped across a doorway or across a car windshield. Design a poster featuring pictures and congratulatory notes written by relatives, co-workers and friends. You can even hide supportive and flattering notes in places he will find them throughout the day as reminders of your love and appreciation.

If someone you care for has achieved something big or small, celebrate it with a kindness that illustrates your pride. The gesture will not only offer congratulations but also encourage the recipient to strive for even bigger accomplishments in the future.