How To Choose Commercial Laundry Machines

Whether you run a self-service laundromat or apartment building, having quality washers and dryers is essential. Technology is changing not only how the modern world operates, but it also changes how you do laundry. New machines offer additional wash and dry cycles, better energy efficiency and use less water. Here are some things to keep in mind as you choose your laundry machines.

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When buying laundry machines for business , one of the things on the forefront of a business owner’s mind is the cost. The more features the machines have, the higher the initial cost. The number of machines you need to purchase also affects the overall cost. Higher quality machines cost more initially but are often a better long-term investment.


Commercial machines now offer more options and features than ever before. Reduce drying time with higher spin speeds in certain washers. Steam cleaning and auto dosing are additional features seen on some commercial machines. Some washers even feature automatic product dispensing. Analyze what your customers are most likely to use and focus on machines with those features.


Washers come in a top load option or front load capable. A top loading washing machine takes up less space but does use more water and energy. Some machines offer ENERGY STAR ratings potentially saving you significant money on utilities. Laundry machines come in different sizes to meet different load volumes and frequency of uses.


For less maintenance over time, choose top loading washing machines. Front load washers tend to be more costly to repair over time than a top loader. Mildew can build up in a front load washer. The long-term operational costs should be included with your purchase decision.

Operating commercial laundry machines requires more than just knowing how many machines to purchase. These machines see a lot of traffic from customers and tenants. Choose machines that meet their needs, save you money and fit the space you have.