Times have changed. Ordering food now does not require the same kind of labour and long hours of phone call or standing in queues to find a table or to have to book a table, 100 days in advance. With so much development in technology, now you are just clicking away from getting hold of your favourite food at any time you wish or desire.


With so many apps now available on both playstore and apple store, you can download your favourite food app, mostly all of them for free, fill in your address, phone number, name and other details, surf through the million options and get your food right at your doorstep.

With uber eats coupons and Doordash voucher codes and other such promotion codes and deals, you can also save a lot of your precious bucks when you are craving something you would like to eat.


Here are few of the many food apps that you can download and order food from, right from your phone, tablet or iPad.


Available for both iOS users and android users, if you are residing in America, download this app right away to get your food, immediately delivered to you. With more than 50 thousand restaurants available on the app on over 100 cities, you can either opt for delivery or take away, with no additional fees and for absolutely free. Use the built- in rewards available on each food delivery placement and eventually get a meal for free. you can find many cuisines and food items which you can buy from this app and also read the reviews the restaurants have received so that your money does not go into waste.


The grubhub app is available for both iOS supported devices as well as android supported devices. Available in more than 800 cities across America, this app does not charge any additional fees on downloading though delivery charges may apply for few restaurants. It is very easy to use wherein you simply put in your address or current location where you want the food to be delivered and the app will show you all the places nearby from where you can order food right away. You can also filter the restaurants through preferable cuisines or food item.


Most of you all must be familiar with the Uber app for taking up commute to travel from one place to another within your city. Well, now you can also get your food delivered to you from the Uber eats app and use the uber eats coupons to get then at half the price you would at the store itself. get food delivered to you place from all the restaurants available near you with just one click. Uber eats coupons gives you a chance to get your food for humongous discounts and also get away with the delivery charges. It is available for download on both iOS devices and android devices.


One of the most highly liked and easy to use app, seamless lets you buy food at very cheap prices and with a minimum order value attained, the delivery fee is also waived off. From pizza to Chinese to vegan healthy food to Indian to Thai to other multi- cuisines, you can find all of this and much more on seamless, and just like the name suggests, it is seamless to order food from the seamless app. Download it today from Appstore or playstore. Put in the location of your whereabouts where you want your food and get options between many restaurants available near you. Use the coupons and deals to get better offers and discounts at seamless.

DELIVERY.COM is an app which will not only solve your food cravings but your other problems as well. You can easily get your groceries delivered to you by just staying at your home and can also indulge into some wines which you may find at the shops near you. You can also get your laundry done through this app. It is extremely easy to use, all it takes is to download the app from the playstore or the Appstore. Other than all these additional services, you can also enjoy the various food items of different categories available on it to be bought.


Doordash is also a favourite among many. Other than the multiple options of food outlets it shows, it also filters your options by showing you the restaurants which have received the highest ratings and has the best food according to your choice and preference. It also mostly comes up with new discount codes and vouchers which you can use to get your food at amazing price points. Don’t forget to download the app available on both iOS supported devices and android supported devices to get your next food delivery, quickly.


Postmates is a little unique and different from all the other apps which you have read about till now. Now postmates, which is by the way available to be downloaded from both the app store as well as the play store is the kind of app which will assist you in picking up and delivering to you almost anything and not just food. From shops to retails to grocers, almost anything and everything can be delivered to your doorstep within a matter of few clicks. You also get all the nearby restaurants and food outlets to get food delivered to you and indulge into your favourite eatery items.

So next time you crave a pizza straight out from the oven or maybe a hot molten lava cake or any of your favourite cuisine, away from home, you can trust on any of the above- mentioned apps and get your food delivered to you very quickly. You can read the reviews each restaurant has received under the app and also rate the products by yourself. You can customize your order according to your way of eating it so any kind of conditions such as gluten- free or sodium free, shall all be entertained.

Make sure to download them and start using them right away.

Happy Eating!