How to Pack LIght for the Beach

Taking a shuttle bus from Houston to Galveston is a great way to enjoy a week at the beach. However, remember that once you get to the hotel, you’ll have to lug that suitcase into your room. In addition, airlines have limits on the number and weight of bags that they allow. Here are some tips for packing light.

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Wear Pants and Shorts Multiple Days

Pants and shorts may be hung up at the end of the day and then worn again the next day. If there’s a bit of sand on them, remember that you are at the beach. The dress code is far more casual than work. Unless you’re going to a fancy restaurant, no one will notice that you’ve worn shorts twice in a row.

Keep the Colors Simple

Keep the clothes that you pack to similar colors that will easily mix and match. For example, all of your bottoms could be black or tan, which then matches easily with all the tops.

Plan to Launder Clothes

Choose a hotel that has laundry facilities. Alternatively, search on Google for an area laundromat. Pack only what you need for about three days, and then wash your clothes. This will cut your luggage weight by half.

Wear Your Heaviest Shoes

Wear your heaviest shoes on the shuttle and on your flight. Pack the lighter shoes in your suitcase. Carefully consider how many pairs of shoes you really need; choose neutral colors like black or beige that go with multiple outfits.

Take Advantage of Hotel Freebies

Hotels usually offer shampoo, soap, and hair dryers in the room. Many have combs and razors at the front desk for free. Unless you have allergies, there is no reason to bring shampoo with you in your luggage. If you must bring a special soup or lotion, try to pack it in travel-size bottles.

Using these tips, you can keep your load light and get to the beach faster.