Hypertension: This Simple Daily Habit Can Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

Hypertension: This Simple Daily Habit Can Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure can increase risk of stroke and heart disease



  1. A healthy diet and lifestyle can control high blood pressure
  2. Potassium rich foods are beneficial for high blood pressure patients
  3. Drinking calcium and magnesium rich water can also be helpful

If you have high blood pressure, or have been recently been diagnosed with one, you are most likely to be suggested to reduce your intake of salt. Hypertension patients are also prescribed certain medications that they are supposed to take on a daily basis. Reducing salt intake, controlling consumption of salty foods or foods with high preservatives and processed foods, regular exercise and a healthy diet are considered to be best remedies for controlling high blood pressure. However, there’s another way that can help in controlling hypertension-drinking sufficient water!

According to a study published Journal of American Heart Association, drinking calcium and magnesium rich water can lower blood pressure levels. As part of the study, blood pressure levels in people who drank salinated water and those who drank freshwater were compared. While sodium is known to increase blood pressure levels rapidly, participants of the study who drank salinated water were reported with lower blood pressure. However, researchers believed that this wasn’t because of sodium, but because of other minerals in water such as calcium and magnesium.