League of Legends Coming to Mobile Next Year, Riot Games Announces as It Diversifies

League of Legends Coming to Mobile Next Year, Riot Games Announces as It Diversifies

Photo Credit: YouTube/ League of Legends: Wild Rift

Riot Games has generated billions of dollars over the past 10 years, and in the process created a highly influential, globe-spanning esports league. All of this success revolved around a single video game: League of Legends. That is about to change, to a degree.

The Los Angeles-based company announced Tuesday a slate of new games, many of which are scheduled to be released next year. The new game titles will come alongside an animated series based on League of Legends and a documentary Riot financed about the origins of the game, which debuted Tuesday on Netflix.

All of the new games, except for one, are set in the League of Legends universe and will feature that game’s characters, or champions, as their better known to League players. The new titles include a card game, a fighting game, multiplayer online battle arena game, open-world game and an esports simulator, seemingly akin to the Football Manager franchise.

The non-League-based title is codenamed “Project A” and is being described as a tactical shooter game – think Rainbow Six Siege or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – that will be set on Earth.

New games from Riot have been widely expected by its fans and industry observers for many years, even as the company’s 10-year-old flagship title still sees a peak of about 8 million concurrent players daily, according to a September announcement from the company.

“We have the benefit of being able to be long term,” Marc Merrill, co-founder of the Riot Games, said to The Washington Post. “We don’t have to go push out a product to meet some quarterly deadline or revenue target or whatnot.” Riot is owned by Tencent, a Chinese technology and entertainment conglomerate.

Merrill said Hearthstone, a massively popular card game based on Blizzard’s Warcraft series, was a reason his team reevaluated Riot’s card game offering, which Merrill said has been in the works for eight years and has “gone through multiple starts and stops.”

“We had to adjust how we were doing things,” Merrill said.

Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities, believes the new games will buoy Riot’s revenue, owing to the League of Legends audience, which extends to the hundreds of millions, if all the game’s players over the years are included.

“Their competitive advantage is the huge number of League of Legends fans,” he said. He is skeptical about the tactical shooter, however.

“As they expand beyond their core competencies, the risk profile goes up a lot,” he said. “It’s like McDonald’s doing a steakhouse.”

Merrill said the tactical shooter will attempt to build deeper characters and worlds compared to current games on the market, as well as add “broader avenues for strategic depth and expression.” Riot has not revealed a release date for that game